WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA since founded in 28 july 1993 is primarily an industrial contractor with vast field knowledge of installing specialist systems backed by a dedicated team of professional engineers who are able to design real world solutions. having an unbiased source of products we are able to offer the best combination of products to truly meet the customer's needs. 


To be regarded as a regional leader industrial contractor. Offering professional services that represent the interests of all stakeholders that can be relied on time after time.


Our primary goal is simple, "Quality". To achieve this both parties must understand the concept of "Quality" and because of this we chose to work with customers that are interested in quality and are prepared to apply their resources to achieve it.

To achieve our goal we must deliver the project to meet the design or process requirements, without non-conformances, on time and within budget to remain competitive and be able to offer the customer the right solution at the right price.


Professional Coating Services

WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA Coatings offers numerous capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.


WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA deploys the contracting activities of spray Insulation PUFOAM and spray Waterproofing POLYUREA.

Current activities : Indonesia
WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA has gained extensive national and international experience and know-how in the fields of marine and civil engineering, industrial WORKS, infrastructural PROJECTS and general BUILDING.


  • WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA Quality Services offers a turn key approach to its customers offering them the advantage of a single source solution in our areas of expertise. Although we are primarily based in Jakarta Indonesia we undertake projects in this countries in our region to be able to offer an Domestic and also International service to our clients. We are able to offer material only or a full design, supply and installation service dependant on the customer's requirements and individual needs. Below is a basic outline of the key services available internationally either as a stand-alone SOLUTION or offered as a total package.

  • SUPPLY & APPLY We are a true specialist contractor and not just a supplier of materials who are capable of installing their own products. We supply tailor made solutions to meet the client's requirements. We are not tied to one supplier so we can source the best technical and cost effective package for our clients. Our customers can be reassured that they will get THE BEST materials to fully meet the needs of the project.


WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA Installation Service : We have worked on projects as small as 20 m2 and up to and over 250,000 m2. Our flexibility enables us to work on any size of project in any country in our region either based fully onsite with our own installation crews or daily visit to site as the conditions dictate. All sites have dedicated teams, work procedures and organizations with full project management to ensure a successful outcome from initial mobilization, proper preparation, installation and final hand-over. Resources are assigned dependant on the size and the schedule of the project. For international projects with have local partners to enable us to source where possible local resources to maintain a cost structure that is attractive to our clients.


The measure of a Specialist Contractor will be the depth and experience in the use of various kinds of equipment. While many contractors in our markets use the term Specialist Contractor to describe themselves, many are not as they have no specialist equipment or knowledge of using such equipment. WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA has invested heavily in all types of equipment that is required to carry our proper preparation, installation and quality control in a safe and consistent manner. This investment is our commitment to be recognized as a true Specialist Contractor.


WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA Quality checks are made at every step of the process from surface preparation and application until final hand-over is completed. Our experience in this regard is what gives our clients confidence in the long-term success of the projects we undertake. Full documentation is provided for each project showing hold points, test results and observations as well as any non-conformances and corrective action taken. Suitably qualified QA/QC engineers based on site test using internationally accepted test methods such as ASTM, ISO, BS and JIS etc.


Safety of our personal on site, other people in our surrounding working area and all the clients assets are of paramount importance to our company. WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA works to internationally accepted safety standards to ensure they are maintained throughout all aspects of any project. Occupational Safety & Management plans are implemented for each project undertaken and job safety risk analysis is used for each part of the work. Our project management team is fully trained and experienced in implementing all aspects of safety required for the modern job site.


The protection of the environment is now encompassed by a wider scope of safety standards used in the place of work to recognise and limit the potential dangers and negative effects to the environment. In our projects WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA recognizes these standards and has policies and procedures in place to ensure our project teams fully understand and comply with all environmental standards as a matter of course. From material handling, disposal of waste and installation methods that can have negative impacts if not carried out by using safe working practice WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA employs modern methods to ensure protection of the environment is a priority in our work.


WAHANA INDOKO PRATAMA provides a meaningful warranty to all is projects either as contracted or specially arranged with its clients. These are backed up by bonds and securities to give the customer confidence in the substance and reliability of the warranty offered.